Sarah’s Circle Holistic Hub


Our Vision


About Sarah’s Circle

Sarah’s Circle venue located in the heart of Mandurah provides a variety of spaces for people to experience a sense of warmth, inspiration, and natural beauty.


The venue is surrounded by beautiful, maintained gardens that create a feeling of peace and relaxation. Spaces are open for hire, both casual and long term.  Rooms can be used for training, workshops, retreats, massage, Bowen, cupping, meditation, and sound healing.

Sarah’s circle venue is suited best for small intimate groups between 10 – 18 people. If you are interested in a viewing, please contact Desrae Edwards on 0418955612.

For more information on venue hire go to our venue hire page.

Sarah’s Circles provides long term room rental to professional practioneers in the field of healing, health and wellness and these include:


  • Chiropractic Care
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Massage
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Cupping
  • Sound Healing

As a community we work together in supporting healing, health and wellness in the community.

Our Team

We share a passion for helping people reach success and wellness.

Our Mission

“To provide a Holistic Hub for families and young people that provides experiences of inspiration, creativity and connection that supports success and wellbeing.”

Venue Hire

The boutique venue creates a space of warmth, inspiration and beauty. Beautiful gardens, authentic community art and creatively diverse rooms with a sense of openness and freshness, that can accomadate a range of needs.

Our Practitioners

Sarah’s Circle has assembled an experienced team of passionate and caring professionals to help people young and old, have options and choice to improve and support their health, success, and well being.

Our Culture

“We seek to be authentic, honest and provide encouragement with in our community that supports wellbeing.”

Our Philosophy

We respect every person’s diverse nature and celebrate the individual and community together as one.

All services and support aim to provide opportunities for the individual to align with their highest potential.

We Take Pride

“We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is clean, energising and able to meet the diverse needs of the community.”