Our Services

Sarah’s Circle, Mandurah WA

Our Venue Hire

Sarah’s Circle located in the Central part of Mandurah, WA offers both Venue Hire and Holistic Services.

Venue and Room Hire

Sarah’s Circle Holistic Hub

  • Hire the Entire Venue or Individual Rooms
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rooms
  • Enclosed Octagonal Building
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Full or Half Day Available

Phone:  0418 955 612

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Chiropractic Care

The Coach & Chiropractor
  • Tailored Techniques
  • Lifestyle Support
  • Nurturing and Comfortable Environment
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Attention to Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Phone: 0404 757 437

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Moves

Bowen Therapy is a complementary modality that can support and enhance traditional medical approaches.

Bowen Therapy May Help

  • Reduce Pain From Long Term Injuries And Illness
  • Improve Health And Flexibility
  • Support Emotional And Mental Well-Being
  • Be Used Regularly To Maintain A Healthy Body
  • To Focus On Specific Issues

Phone:  0418 955 612

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